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Goods deliveries from Europe to Russia and all Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
Wide range of transport with various load capacities
Rail transport
Transport insurance
Customs clearance

The freight forwarding company RZ Logistics was founded based on its close network of carriers, ports, brokers and customs authorities. Our wide network of agents and partners enables us to transport goods to every country in the world and to control their movement along the transportation route right up to their acceptance at the place of unloading or destination. We always keep our customers informed about the transportation process.

RZ Logistics treats every customer individually. Based on our practical experience, our market knowledge and the geography of the transport routes we offer optimal transport solutions which perfectly meet the requirements of our customers. This results in a reliable and high-quality transportation at minimal cost.

The team of RZ Logistics consists of professional shipping agents with long-standing experience and knowledge of the modern transport and trade technology as well as national and international transport legislation.

RZ Logistics offers its customers a complete service package which comprises the entire range of transportation and the related services according to the global standards.

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