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For your own safety we cover transport insurance for the goods taken on for transport with an independent insurance company. The insurance policy shows our customer as insured person and is the best guarantee for the intactness of the goods and for a full compensation of their value in case of loss or damage. We recommend the cover “All Risks” which protects our customers against all risks. If you want transport insurance we only need your request, and we will do the rest for you.

The policy will be forwarded to you by Email or facsimile, the original is sent on your first demand.

Our company offers the complete range of services connected with the export activity of our clients – from the consultation of Russian companies to buy EU goods right up to questions of customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation. We assist our clients with the customs clearance of their goods in various terminals in the Russian Federation and work with all product groups. We support exporters as well as importers. Our staff members estimate the preliminary costs of the customs duties.

Our customs clearance service comprises:

  • Analysis of the incoming message of the clearance of goods and determination of the most cost-effective conditions for the customs clearance.
  • Determination of the list of approvals and other documents necessary for the customs clearance.
  • Calculation of the duties and other fees stipulated by customs legislation.
  • Assistance with the customs declaration and the related documents as well as the foreign trade agreements, transaction passports and the shipping documents.
  • Our experienced staff will be glad to assist you with any questions concerning customs clearance.

RZ Logistics offers storage facilities for your goods. Our warehouse is equipped with racks of a high loading capacity, heating and an emergency system.

Warehousing services:

  • Collection of the goods from the location named by you
  • Warehousing / stock transfer / loading
  • Commissioning according to your specifications
  • Issuance of warehouse documents
  • Stock management
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