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Truck transportation to Russia


We are your reliable partner for truck transports to Russia

Truck transports to Russia are one of the most common modes of transportation to deliver goods and merchandise of all kinds to Russia. We take over truck transports from Germany to Russia and deliver groupage and general cargo door-to-door. Our export forwarding agency not only takes over truck transports to Russia, but also operates its own collective warehouse for general and groupage cargo. In addition, we also offer truck transports to Russia for bulky goods, hazardous goods and heavy cargo. This is possible thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles, which also includes special transporters (e.g. for temperature-controlled goods) as well as Sprinters and passenger cars for time-critical courier services. In addition, we have a dense network of partners throughout Europe and the world, with whose support we are able to meet particularly demanding customer requirements time and again.

Our forwarding services in the area of truck transport to Russia cover all requirements that are placed on transports to and from Russia: from individual deliveries of goods to groupage, bulky goods, heavy goods and hazardous goods. We offer truck transports to Russia in door-to-door traffic from any place in Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan and the entire Eurasian Economic Union. Our fleet consists of tarpaulin trucks with a length of up to 13.6 m, offering a loading volume of 82-120 m³. In addition, we have special trucks and a flexible Sprinter and car fleet.

We will be happy to advise you personally and individually in German, English or Russian and are at your disposal with our many years of experience and expertise for truck transports to Russia. And if it has to go particularly fast, we organize truck transports to Russia in the shortest possible time and ensure a smooth process - from loading to transport to on-time delivery to the recipient.


Truck transports to Russia - consolidated cargo

Are you looking for a way to limit the costs of truck transports from Germany to Russia? For this purpose we offer groupage transports by truck, for which we operate our own warehouse in Germany. Our drivers collect your pallets, parcels and other packages at the agreed time at the pick-up location (e.g. at your central warehouse) and take them to our groupage warehouse. From here, truck transports to Russia start several times a week, so that we can always ensure prompt delivery. Truck transports from Germany to Russia usually take 6-8 days. The delivery is made to the consignee or - in case of dutiable goods - to the responsible customs office of the consignee.

Your consignments are of course insured for each of the truck transports to Russia - via a transport insurance (forwarding goods insurance) with an independent insurance company, with which our trucks and drivers are also insured for liability. Thus, you have a guarantee that you will receive a replacement in case of loss or damage of your cargo during one of our truck transports to Russia. However, due to the experience and routine of our drivers and the entire team, this happens extremely rarely.

Pallets weighing up to 1,000 kg each are suitable as groupage cargo for truck transport to Russia, as well as larger and heavier packages that cannot (or should not) be transported via a parcel service. We only transport industrial goods (no alcohol or tobacco) and do not undertake truck transport to Russia for private individuals (e.g. removals).

Palette mit gestapelten Paketen wird mithilfe von einem Wagenheber in den Anhänger eines LKW verladen 


Truck transports to Russia - delivery of goods

You have trading partners in Russia, Kazakhstan or other states of the Eurasian Economic Union and are looking for a reliable partner for truck transports to Russia? We would be happy to take on your goods deliveries on a one-off or regular basis and ensure that the transport is carried out properly, efficiently and reliably along the entire supply chain.

As we operate our own modern warehouse, we can take on deliveries of goods both as full container loads (FCL) and as partial loads (from 25 kg). Therefore, you do not necessarily have to use the entire truck capacity for truck transports to Russia, but you can also book individual packages or partial loads (LCL, Less Than Full Container Load) in groupage transport to bring your goods to the recipient.

Truck transportation to Russia in goods delivery traffic usually takes 5-8 days. Of course, the transport is insured by KRAVAG for our and your protection. RZ Logistics has been specialized in export to Russia for decades as an international forwarder. Thus we offer you a decisive advantage when it comes to truck transports from Germany to Russia.

Our employees know the Russian culture and speak fluent Russian. On request, we not only take over truck transports to Russia, but also advise you competently in advance on all questions concerning the delivery of goods by truck to Russia. We also provide you with full support in the customs clearance of your export goods: We calculate the preliminary customs duties, take care of the correspondence with local companies and partners in Russian and prepare all necessary customs documents. Thus, you are always on the safe side when you plan truck transports to Russia with RZ Logistics and have them carried out by us.

Gabelstapler transportiert eine Palette mit Ware durch ein Lager 


Truck transports to Russia - heavy transports

Heavy and oversized transports to Russia represent a special logical challenge, for which you better assign a long-standing expert for truck transports to Russia. Here, too, we offer you a door-to-door service and, if required, we also take over the loading of your bulky or heavy goods by crane or forklift. In addition, we organize the necessary exemptions for such truck transports to Russia and find the optimal logistics for each customer requirement to ensure a high-quality transport at minimum feasible costs.

We also insure heavy and oversized truck transportations to Russia against damage in transit by means of forwarding cargo insurance in mutual interest.

Roter LKW mit blauem Tieflader transportiert einen gelben Muldenkipper 


Further services of RZ Logistics

As an experienced service provider for truck transports to Russia, we offer you DDP deliveries in addition to the accompanying customs clearance. In case of Delivery Duty Paid the goods are delivered duty paid; thus the sender takes over the entire costs and settles them in advance. RZ Logistics offers DDP deliveries to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries and takes care of all formalities.

In order for you to know exactly where your cargo is at any time, you will receive a daily status report. For this purpose all our vehicles are equipped with GPS and modern board communication. Of course, we will also inform you when your freight has reached the recipient or if there are any problems or delays.

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With R&Z Logistics to the truck transport to Russia

If you want to know more about truck transports from Germany to Russia and the services of RZ Logistics or if you would like to receive a personal offer for your full or partial shipment, we would be pleased to receive your call. You can reach us by phone at +49 2241 26158-60 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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