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Rail transport

Rail transport in containers is one of the most comfortable types of transport: railway containers can easily transported by road and railway thanks to their unified dimensions. The entire freight is transported in containers, either in standard containers or special containers for certain goods: hazardous goods, perishables, etc. One of the main advantages of rail tranports with railway containers is the literal door-to-door delivery with a minimum risk of damage. Furthermore, rail transports in railway containers are especially favourable for clients who do not operate with large merchandise lots. We deliver goods in Europe, the CIS countries and even on Russian territory. Rail transport has the best price/performance ratio and the best delivery time. We transport goods in open and closed railway wagons.

We offer the following services:

  • Transport with all types of wagons, containers and platforms.
  • Coordination of rail transport, preparation of documents.
  • Consignment tracking and information about the dispatch route of the goods.
  • Acceptance of goods at the railway station of destination and delivery to the consignee’s warehouse.
  • Importation, exportation and transit of goods to Russia and the CIS countries.
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